Do you believe?

On Saturday mornings Greg and I usually take a nice long walk around our new community.  We have only lived here less than a month and a half, so we like to get out and get to know it a bit.  Each Saturday we take a different direction to see something we haven’t seen before.  So last Saturday we headed out on a  new route.

We were thoroughly enjoying ourselves and not paying attention to how far we were going.  This is due mainly to the fact that we were walking along a road that was heavy on the vegetation and had many cool butterflies.  There were about four different kinds and Greg took the time to explain what each one was as we strolled by.

So we get pretty far down this one road and I am thinking, humm we have walked pretty far already, I wonder if this road will cut through to the main drag.  So we turned right and headed down this heavily forested road.  It was quite nice, accept for the unfortunate people who decided to use the road as a dumping ground.  How sad, as the part of town we were in is considered rural and the dump in this parish is free for rural residents.   All they have to do is show a license with their address.

Anyway we get pretty far down the road and we find a cemetery.   If you unfamiliar with Louisiana cemeteries, they have their graves either above ground in tombs or weighted with cement, as we are so close to sea level (or in some cases below it) , bodies have been known to wash away.  Anyway the effect is really cool, beautiful and creepy.  Greg and I have a weird fascination with them.

So we spent quite a bit of time at the edge of the cemetery reading the dates on the tombs, so some were quite old, from the 1800’s and some were really recent.  It was all quite fascinating actually.

Then I see I disturbance in the air.  Kind of like a thin watery veil over one of the tombs, that I could see through.  I guess it kind of looked like water glass.  So I looked at Greg and said, time to go.  I was calm and we left.  So I told Greg “There was a ghost in there”.  He just looked at me.  “Really, what did it look like?”  I told him what I saw and he looked at me like I lost my mind.   I’m sure he thinks I am a nut.  We never found out if the road actually goes all the way through, as we turned around at the cemetery.

So do you believe?   I think it is entirely possible.


5 thoughts on “Do you believe?

  1. Deanna, what just happened to you, is what I am waiting for …so I can believe that things like that are possible. To this day, so far, I haven’t had anything like that happen to me. I thought when my brother, my mom, my dad, my grandma…when any of them passed…I would somehow feel them around me…or maybe I would feel a ghost of sort…so far nothing. I WOULD like to experience that as weird as that sounds. I keep thinking of Ronnie and her parents haunted bar room…and think, yup, someday I am gonna tromp up there and “see this ghost business for myself”

  2. I enjoyed going on your little walk with you! I have visited old mission cemetaries in the past and it is interesting to look at the names and comments on the tombstones as well as dates and wonder what their life had been.

    As for ghosts, I am a non believer in ghosts per say. On the other hand I completely believe in Demons and their activities here on the earth to confuse us and try to distract us from learning about the true God, for they are alienated angles that have sinned and will soon be punished forever. They can’t materialize to us as they were able to do before the flood, but they can and do cause havic in the lives of humans and are to be avoided for they are vicious and cruel. They would also like us to believe that there is such a thing as ghosts so that we might believe that our dead loved ones might still be alive someplace. It all ties into the first lie that Satan told Eve in the Garden of Eden when he told her if she ate of the fruit that she would not really die at all, but in fact, sadly, she did die, and we have inherited sin and death thru our first parents, Adam and Eve. What the Bible really teaches is that the dead are not conscious at all, they are in a state of nonexistance and are awaiting the time of the great ressurrection back to life, which will be exciting times that we can all look forward to with eager anticipation!

    I am glad you decided to leave there, for if there were any demons lurking, you saved yourself by your wise exit! You are saved to torch another day and make all of your delightful, irresistible “pretties!”

  3. I do believe in ghosts and have seen one for myself. I told my story to friends in the area of the sighting and I found out it was one of the original owners of the land and I had described him to a T. Cool stuff! Wish I was on that walk with you.

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