A return to a favorite and a new series.

I guess I have been making faeries for almost two years now. I really was only making them with words on them, like fire, earth, friends, hope, etc.

It has really been a while since I have made a significant amount of faeries. Mostly I think because we switched glass suppliers and I was no longer using moretti Italian glass, which is what all the murrini words are. Just about a year ago we switched to bullseye glass, which is a different COE and not compatible with my moretti words.

So, yes it can be said maybe it was laziness on my part to not pull out the moretti glass and make some more faeries, or more laziness that I didn’t try to make my own bullseye words, as I have been having Greg do it in the past. He does them much faster and more efficient than I can. I know, practice, practice, practice. However, I think we have already established that I am a bit of a cheater when murrini is involved. Yet, I couldn’t ask Greg to make me more words in Bullseye, when I had a perfectly good stock of them in moretti, now could I?

So this leads me to my newest faeries, which I am very excited about. They are my Garden Faeries. I have only listed one so far on ebay, and here she is: The Sunflower Faery.

I do have another one that will go up in a few days, The Iris Faery, and have ideas for another one, the Daffodil Faery. I have already told Greg to make me flowers (there I go cheating again), but whatever he makes I am sure he will use, if he does make them that is.


5 thoughts on “A return to a favorite and a new series.

  1. Great idea on the garden fairy’s Deanna. Birthmonth Fairy’s would be cool to! Or even a fairy with a little basket that is open, that you can put a tooth in…and call it the toothfairy…ok, sorry, got carried away. Love the new direction for the fairy’s.

  2. well Maddy is a few years out from loosing teeth…maybe you’ll get it down by then huh? LOL

    would be cute, a little fairy that sits on the night stand with a basket she is holding in front to put the tooth in. dang, that would be so cute

  3. Oh, these are so sweet! I like your idea for a series of fairies! One of your readers mentions a basket to hold a tooth, which is also a neat idea. I was thinking of it being large enough to put your rings into it at night by your bed, or maybe in the kitchen somewhere if you remove your rings to cook or do dishes! Hey, you might name them and create stories to go along with each one that gives them a personality! Just random thoughts that might spark your creative juices even farther!

  4. lol..okay something about the tooth holder thing kinda creeps me out a bit. I’m not sure my faeries are big enough for a ring holder, but there is an idea there. Thanks Connie. I’ll let it roll around in the old brain for a while.

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