A real collaboration.

Okay, so remember those butterfly and sunflower beads Greg made?  The ones he told me I should do something with.  In case you don’t, here ya go:

So yesterday, I decided to run with that idea. This time I am certain it was a collaboration and not just an idea rip off.  These are really my design, just using Greg’s murrini flowers and adding the butterflies.  It’s the same design I use on most of my flower beads.  Turns out it was much easier than I though it would be.  I surprised myself that I was able to use the butterflies and not smear them.  In fact this is really the first time I ever had permission to use the butterfly murrini (all other murrini has always been fair game, just not the butterflies).  I have used it once before in a witch, but I had to beg and put my sweetest effort into it.  These were handed to me, with Greg’s blessing and I feel like I did them justice.  I didn’t waste even one.  I am so proud of myself.  See them on ebay:


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