A dog you can carry in your purse

My dog is a 65 pound Golden Retriever. Its true, I am never going to be able to carry her around in my purse. Greg says I should put saddle bags on her and she can carry my purse. Ya, sure that will work.

Catt from Cattwalk has the cutest little dog names Pebbles. She takes here everywhere in a dog purse. I have been telling Greg I want one. He has been ignoring me. I finally snapped and told him he had to talk to me about this. He says we don’t want another dog, because we have more travel plans. I said I can carry the little dog in a purse. Then he says “To Europe?”.

Okay, so he has a point, but here is the other issue. We have a 12 year old Gold Capped Conure. She is expected to live to be 25 to 30 years old. That gives us quite a bit of time until we are ‘free”. See where I am going with this. No way will we leave our birdy behind to spend a few months in Europe, we just couldn’t do it. Do you know how hard it is to get parrots back into the US if you take them out? So that gives us about 15 years give or take. I don’t see the issue with getting a little dog I can carry in my purse.

Also, before you start in, no I don’t want a Paris Hilton dog. One like Pebbles would be adorable or maybe a Shih Tzu? Plus, Disney, my Golden Retriever loves little dogs. She’d be a great mama. 🙂


6 thoughts on “A dog you can carry in your purse

  1. Oh I felt like Greg did. I then realized Dan really really “really” wanted another dog. Daisy makes Dan laugh and smile and she’s daddy’s little girl. Rose loves her, they are best bud’s…its really been good, and she is a little girl, maybe not as small as Pebbles, but we adore her…she has spunk and is funny…Maybe Greg will do what I did, finely cave but pick the puppy. Dan wanted a breed that I am so glad we didn’t get. Daisy really does fit Dan’s personality and fit in with Rose…she has gusto and will run down the feild for the frisbee as fast as Rosie will LOL…good luck, you’ll win…I know you will 😉

  2. PS….I think since I was the one “who didn’t want another dog” I almost had to be the one that fell in love and said ok, how bout this one…course I could tell by the sparkle in his eye he really thought she was adorable. But we both had to fall for her. You gotta take Greg puppy shopping!

  3. I vote for puppy shopping as well. Or better yet do it the way I did. I wanted a Lhasa Apso – He’s too big for a purse though (weighs 20lbs). So I went to the Penny Saver on line and like magic a Lhasa was at a rescue kennel waiting to be adopted. This was 6 years ago and I love him to death! I do sometimes wish I could take him in a purse but he barks too much and loves the kennel – Canine Country Club – who wouldn’t! There is something to be said for big dogs too. I don’t think a burgler would fear my little ball of fur as much as a big snarling dog.

  4. Greg caved…now I have to make the decision. It always is harder for me to make the decision.

    Jackie, Greg has a Lhasa Apso when he was growing up. He even has a portrait of Rags on our wall. The only thing hanging on the walls so far. We have only been in the house two months, but Rags made it up on the wall in a hurry. 🙂

    Yes Connie, I agree. I would be happy with eight dogs probably.

    Kaye, you know how Greg is a big softy. If I get a puppy, it will more likely he HIS dog, not mine. lol

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