What to do?

Greg says I can have a puppy if I really want one. He knows how to handle me. The joke is on me isn’t it? I told him, you girls said if I wanted a puppy I would win. He is just a big softy after all. Our friends Pat and Brenda have two Shih Tzus, that we feel in love with. Such sweet dogs. He agreed with me and told me if it was something I really wanted he was fine with it. Now I have to decide if this is something I really want.

I was looking at the rescues and trying to decide if I should get a puppy or a rescue (where I found someone giving away their six year old Golden Retriever, I actually cried when I read it). Greg says we should get a puppy from a breeder. Expensive, I know. Disney is a pure breed Golden Retriever. Although she ate her papers when she was a puppy, so she isn’t registered. Though we don’t care about that. What we care about is that she is part of our family. We could care less if she has papers. So here I was wondering why we needed one from a breeder.

Greg says it is because we want to make sure we get a puppy that is healthy and gets socialized correctly. I can agree with that. We don’t want a puppy mill puppy. So I found a breeder about 30 miles from here, that has some gorgeous Shih Tzus….to the tune of $900 for a female. Oh man. That is expensive. I really think I want a female. Though I have never had a male dog, so I am not sure. Disney gets along with most all dogs, so I am not too worried about that. I know they say if you have a female you should get a male and vise vera, but girls just seem to be more laid back.

Lisa’s pup Nash seems to be laid back, maybe I should think about it and start saving….

Here is a pic of my baby Disney, isn’t she sweet?


14 thoughts on “What to do?

  1. I looked at rescues first, too, with the Maltese…and unfortunately heard from several sources that it is rare for someone to give up a Maltese unless there were behavioral problems. 😦

    Having enough of those issues with the 2-legged creatures in the house, we found a breeder…but girls tend to be more expensive and harder to find (in Maltese anyway)…

    Start setting aside an auction a week for the puppy fund! I’ll help…

  2. I’ve had both pure-bred dogs, and mutts throughout my life, and there are definitely pros and cons to both. But that being said, Roxy was a rescue puppy, and look how she turned out! 😀

  3. both Rose and Daisy are females, it took Rose a couple weeks or so to get the jealous out of her system…now I don’t know what she would do without Daisy, they play together all the time, eat out of the same bowl at times, share chewey’s…and Daisy will sleep with Rose on her pillow, cuddling up to her…Rose lets her romp all over her and loves it now you can tell…but at first, there was a lot of jealousy, Dan had to give both their times and loving, not to over do the puppy.

    I do think getting a puppy is a must, I think Disney might bond better like a mommy/big sister relationship. It was fun watching it happen, Rose making it hard and the puppy never giving up.

    this picture sums it up

  4. I am only saying bringing a second dog into the home…it might be easier for Disney to accept a puppy rather than a full grown dog, who has habits and so forth. Ours worked out really well. I don’t think a full grown dog would of worked with Rose. It had to be a puppy

  5. lol, a puppy auction each week. Something to think about.

    You might be right Kaye. Our friends Pat & Brenda got a puppy “Petite” and Disney bonded with her so well. They were the best of friends. Even when we saw them a year later, they remembered each other and were so damn cute together. She got along with Patches, the older male, just fine too, but bonded with Petite better.

    I know Angie. Roxie is a sweetie pie.

  6. I won’t tell ya what we paid for Daisy (waaaaaaay to much)…but then she was a gift for Dan. Dan says he bought her for me…but ummmm he is the one that was reading papers for add’s and looking up breeds on line and so forth. LOL…I love having her though, she brings more joy in our life and we really need that right now. She can make us laugh many times a day with her rowdy puppy self. That reminds me I need to send Daisy’s papers in…we might, just might breed her once…but we aren’t sure. It was a thought, so that Brian and Amanda could have a puppy. But I am not sure Dan will want his baby to have saggy doggy teats

  7. Nope…we got a bargain on Nash because of the near “bait and switch” the breeder did…He’s near perfect on the conformation stuff (not that it mattered)…I had been told to steer clear of the the “designer mixes” too. By a seasoned dog breeder/judge, but they weren’t much less expensive.

    The small breeds like Nash can live to 20 years so just amortize that amount 🙂 Comes out to pennies a day that way.

  8. she’s a Cavalier King Charles
    we paid umm….$1,200 for her…but then we are allowed to breed her if we want. We wanted a female, we have had a couple males in the past, our first Vizsla was a male and wanted to pee on everything when you went on walks. Dan likes females…many they wanted you to sign off and not allow to breed…so with Daisy we can if we want.

  9. Ya, I am seeing that a lot with the breeders, not wanting you to breed them. I don’t want to anyway, so that is fine with me. I thought I wanted to breed Disney at one point, but she has a heart murmur, so that was out.

    Hey, so my breed of choice, seems to be in the moderately priced range. lol

  10. Deanna…it hinges on the time of year too…around the holidays, puppies go way up in price and are scarcer…and a lot of breeders keep the females (or they seem to end up with more boy pups). No interest in breeding or siring here. You might check in January/Feb. for ones that didn’t get sold for Christmas too.

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