All about Etsy!

I did it, I opened an Etsy store. I have heard talk about Etsy, a store entirely for handmade work, for a while now. I went there, tried to surf around and quickly got frustrated. I just didn’t understand it at all. Then I was reading a thread on LE, about successful sellers. So I went and looked again.

I actually signed up and all the sudden I found out how to search things properly. I am still unsure if I needed to be signed up to do that, or if I just finally found the right button. Listing are only 20 cents for three months. wow cheap! Cheaper than ebay or Justbeads thats for sure. Then there is the fact that is is just a store, not an auction, which I think is appealing. I am one of those that if they find something they like, they would rather just buy it rather than bidding. I know bidding can be exciting and can be a way to get a great deal, but you also miss out on stuff you really want if someone snipes you. Frustrating for sure.

I also really like the ease of Etsy. It looks nice and they host your pictures for you. Really it doesn’t matter much to me as we have picture hosting with our website, but it makes it nice for those who don’t. Free picture hosting and 20 cents a listing. Sounds like a great deal to me. Check it out. Check me out. I promise to stock my shelves on etsy daily, just like ebay and justbeads. Give me a try and if you like what you see, heart me too.


4 thoughts on “All about Etsy!

  1. I hearted you. đŸ™‚ Good luck with Etsy. Some people are doing really well with it. Depending on where I go with these shows, I may give Etsy a better effort in the new year. I found it too much extra work right now to have the different photo sizes from my website photos. But with your online presence, you might find your regulars prefer it.

  2. Wishing you well with your new endevors! I signed up for an account there about 2 months ago, and have never done anything with it! I got overwhelmed and thought to myself I would just stick to my website. I might look into it once more a bit down the road.

    PS: Have you started the novel yet? đŸ˜€

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