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Germs from a computer?

How is it possible to get germs through the computer? I don’t mean computer viruses or adware or anything like that. I mean real honest to goodness cold and flu like germs. I have a number of online friends who came down with colds this week. I told them to wash before they typed, but it doesn’t appear to have worked. I woke up with a sinus headache, which could very well be the start of a cold. I have not seen anyone in person besides Greg since last week….accept the Post Office people. They didn’t look sick! I think my online friends gifted it to me. Not on purpose of course. I really don’t think they would, but I am sure it was them!

I am busy working on some orders this week. It is keeping me very busy. It’s a good thing, but I haven’t been able to work on my marbles. I am hoping in a coupe of days to get back to them. I have ideas running around in my head. Maybe they are the ones clogging things up in there.

I hope I don’t contaminate you by you reading this. Quick, go wash your hands!

Turkey day is over!

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving. Ours was quiet and nice. We have a fridge full of turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes. Not sure, who I thought I was cooking for, but more is always better on Thanksgiving right? We had a nice visit with Greg’s mom. It’s nice to spend that holiday with family.

Now we are back to work, or at least I am back to work. I apologize for lacking on keeping up with the blog. You remember the book I was writing? Was, is the operative word there. I literally burnt myself out on the writing and had to stop. Between working on beads and marbles and trying to write that much a day, my eyes we going haywire. Too much computer and too much torching. Some thing had to give, and I didn’t want it to be my eye site. I very much enjoyed the writing and still plan to continue it, but not at that high pressure pace. It was too much, especially with the holidays here.

So speaking of Holidays, how is the shopping going? I haven’t bought one thing or made one thing yet, but my list is coming together, so that is nice.

Speaking of marbles. I am back to making them and really am enjoying myself. Here is a poinsettia one on ebay:

I have a ton of work to catch up on after the long weekend, so I am off to do it. Cheers!

Who is this person?

Right now my wonderful hubby is outside vacuuming the yard.  We are calling it vacuuming because he is mowing to get up all the leaves and acorns that have fallen down.  Ya the yard probably does need to be mowed, but not much.  That could wait.

What I find interesting and little bit funny, is for years he has said he didn’t want a house because he didn’t want to have to do the maintenance and keep it all up.  He wanted more time to purse art and play and just have fun.   So when we fist got together we bought a condo.  Truthfully it was really all we could afford in the Bay Area in CA.  It was a nice place in a nice area. We were there for seven years and were happy with it.  I always thought I would prefer a house, but turns out at the time that really was the right choice for us.  We were busy working and no time for upkeep.  It was great when the pipe over head burst and all we had to do was call the home owners association.

Then we sold it all and moved into an RV.  Really we had no structure to upkeep.  Ya, RV maintenance, but no expensive home repairs and Greg loved it that way.  He would always remark on how he didn’t have to do any yard work, painting, or any install any floors.  Seems the whole family installed some sort of hardwood flooring within two years, with the help of my dad.  We were starting to think it was his new hobby.

So four years into RVing full time we started talking seriously about a home.  The range of renting apartments, to just getting a place to park the rv part of the year and build a studio, to actually owning a home was discussed at length.   All three were a serious plan at some point.  I think I just really wanted a home, a permanent home.   To make our own and home exchange, build a studio, have a place for the dog to roam.  So we decided on that, all the while with Greg telling me the yard was my responsibility.  No problem I kept saying.  I have no problem with that.

So it did pretty much start out that way.  Well, Greg did chop everything down and did a lot of work as everything was overgrown to the point of jungle proportions, but after that I was in charge of mowing.  I still have no problem with that.  However, my husband has taken over.  he LIKES it.  He likes maintaining his yard.  He made a compost pile.  He planted blackberry bushes, got me some blueberry bushes and checks his yard everyday.  Who is this person?

Taking the handmade Pledge

This year, I have decided to take the buy handmade pledge.  I actually didn’t sign the website, and I probably will make, not buy most of my holiday items this year, but same difference in my eyes.  With all the toy recalls this year, it must be hard for parents to determine what is safe and what isn’t these days.  I am left wondering myself what I will do about my nieces and nephews.  I am certainly more aware of China made goods this year.  I definitely don’t want to get them anything made in China.  I know that is a hard task, as so much of our things in our homes come from there.  So what is a person to do?  Well, I think I am going to shop Etsy.  A store dedicated to handmade items.  There are close to 10,000 items in the toy section.  I think I will peruse and see what I can find, since I am certain I won’t be able to make anything for the six and under crowd.

Will you join me in the make or buy handmade challenge?

Finding Inspiration

Today’s Tuesday tip on Flaming Hot!  is how to find inspiration.  This is my quote “Finding inspiration for your beads can be tough. When I get in a slump, one of my favorite things to do is to go to a book store and just browse.  I mostly look at the photography books to get ideas.  There are many books on my bookshelf that were purchased specifically to help stimulate my imagination.”

We have books ranging from aquarium sea life, to space photos, to gardening books.  Not all of them are just photography, although some are.  The aquarium book is all about building an aquarium and things to know about different kinds of fish, fresh and salt water.  There are great photos of not only fish, but coral and other sea creatures.  Greg uses it quite often for his fish murrini and when building his aquarium marbles.  I also have a few books on flowers.  The books are mostly just a reference guide, but has many pictures of different kinds of flowers.  We have a  a Peter Maxx book Greg uses for his 60’s style marbles, a Van Gogh coffee table book, a coffee table book called the Earth, parrot books, butterfly books, a funny faery troll, mermaid childrens book.  All of these were purchased with the sole intent of using them for inspiration.

Granted some of them have been more useful than others.  We both have used most of them.  Lots of times the ideas we have when we choose them never come to light, or get put away for another time.  What is fun to do is to come back to those books and ideas, as our skills progress to see what new things we are inspired to do.  After listing all these books we bought, I’m  starting to think, wow we have a lot of the shelf for lampworking inspiration, but you can be sure it won’t stop me form browsing at my local bookstore next time I feel I need some inspiration.

The Writing Continues

Just in case you are wondering, I am still writing.  I missed the day the computer died, so I am already behind on getting 50,000 words in this month.  We also found out Greg’s mom is coming for Thanksgiving, so I am not sure if I will get to write those days.  I am however really enjoying myself.  I have just over 4000 words written.  I am supposed to be at about about 8000 today.  Humm, some how I doubt I will make it that far.  That doesn’t mean I am giving up.  Even if I don’t get it done in a month (what a huge goal), I believe I will still keep at it.  As long as I don’t get too picky about what I am writing, it seems to go pretty smooth and is very enjoyable.  I keep hearing the key is to just get it down on paper, so matter what you think of your first attempts, then you go from there.  I think they are on to something.

Exciting News!

I just heard from Blue Moon Glassworks in Austin, Texas.  Greg has a teaching gig set up there for the weekend of January 19th and 2oth.  It is a class for beginning marble making in soft glass.  It is  two day class and Greg and I will both be there.  I will be his lovely assistant.  Yes, I do know how to make marbles, but Greg is the expert.  So there will be two of us and the class is limited to eight students.  So hurry on over and sign up.  We can’t wait to melt some glass with you!  The goal of the class is to get comfortable working off mandrel, learn how to make a marble round, finish it off and successfully get it in the kiln in one piece.  All students should be comfortable with making at least a one inch bead.  For more info contact Blue Moon.

It’s a cosmic joke right?

First the fridge, then the computer.  Egads!  Do you have any idea how much I rely on my computer?  I bet you do if you follow my blog and listings.  I mean I live on this thing…literally.

So last night as I was finishing the first draft/chapter/day of writing on my book the computer just shut off.  Just shut off, no warning, no nothing.   It has done that before a few times.  Ya, I knew I was going to need a new one, but I figured it was just tired and today it would work again.  No such luck.  It comes on for oh, about five minutes…then out again.

So today I have a fancy new desk top.  Too bad I can’t figure out how to get my email to work on this thing and lost half my passwords.  Today is going to be a long day.  I will be getting auctions and things up sometime later after I get this all figured out.  Cheers.

Do you fell neglected?

I feel like I have been neglecting my blog a little bit.  Funny how life gets in the way of things we intend to do isn’t it?  I had a blog all written out in my head yesterday, then things started to happen and I forgot all about it.

The fridge died yesterday.  So we called a repair dude.  He was nice enough, but turns out the repair is much as a new one.   I fell icky that the fridge is disposable.  All that space it will take up in land fill.  However, we can now buy a fridge that actually fits into the space it belongs, as opposed to how the previous owners did it….sawing off part of the cabinet.  Then it still didn’t fit.  Yes, for six years apparently the fridge just stuck out awkwardly.  Now is had died.  We are fridge shopping today.

Today is also the day I start my novel in a month adventure.  Yes, I am still doing that and yes I am starting today, but I was told not to neglect the blog, so I made that my first priority…well after I added a few things to Etsy.   I do have a fridge to pay for now after all.

So my other bog I had written in my head was all about the Peanuts.   Every year during the holidays I make a point to watch the Peanut specials, or at least I try to watch them.  This year I saw the ads for the Great Pumpkin, and I quickly told Greg not to let me forget.  Good thing too, as I was working and would have missed it all together, but my wonderful hubby came in the studio and turned it on for me, so I could once again be on the edge of my seat to find out if The Great Pumpkin comes to visit Linus.  I can hardly wait to see the Thanksgiving special to see what they eat and then the Christmas special to see what kind of tree they get.   How could anyone ever get tired of the Peanuts.  Hands down my favorite cartoon ever.