99 Cent Tuesdays and Fridays for the Month of March

So if you follow along with my newsletter, or my website you may have realized that starting in January I have been trying out different promotions on the various outlets we carry our work in. January was a below wholesale sale on Etsy. February was a wholesale sale on the website. March is 99 cent Tuesdays and Fridays on Ebay. 99 cent Tuesdays and Fridays means I will list an auction starting at 99 cents on those days. Here are the first two I listed:

I hope you enjoy them. I have listed a few 99 cent auctions in the past, but to be really honest, that was just to clear out old stock I was tired of looking at. That is NOT the case here. I am listing items that I truly love and and hoping you do too. So enjoy it, there is no reserve on any of the ones I will list this month (I never use reserve anyway, but you knew that). If it goes well, maybe I will continue it or revisit this promotion it the future.


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