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Cleaning up the yard

So this week we planted a summer garden. Problem is the area doesn’t get a ton of sun. So we planted herbs and a few small tomato plants and summer squash, as I read those might do okay is partial sun.  What do I know?  I have never had a garden before.  We have a ton of trees in the back yard and our property line is full and I mean FULL of them.  So now I am worried about my tomato plants.  What else was there to do, other than get out there with my pruning sheers and start cutting back limbs?  Nothing.  So I spent the whole afternoon doing that, in 94 degree weather no less.  I did what I could with my clippers, it was quite a bit let me tell you.  I am thinking the hubby is wondering who I am?  Usually I hint and nudge until he does these things.  I admit it.  I do that.  It isn’t a secret and we both know what I am up too.  However, as Greg said, all it took was actually planting the tomato plants to get me out there and just get it done.  It’s true, I felt sorry for the poor things.

Now I am thinking I need a chain saw to get those bigger limbs.  I wonder if the hubby will actually let me use such a devise?  I am kinda known to be sorta clumsy.  Okay a bit more than sorta.  You get the picture.  On the other hand if I actually bought a chain saw and threatened to use it, I bet those limbs would get cut down pretty dang fast, and not by me.  🙂

Are You Connected?

I don’t mean connected in the business sense or the internet sense. I mean are you connected emotionally to people around you? Do you make an effort to be present in other peoples lives? I have to admit I am pretty bad about staying connected. I am emotionally present for my husband. That is a good start. Then I have my online girlfriends, with whom I chat with pretty much daily. It counts! I have meet most of them in person, some of them on numerous occasions.

The problem I run into is when people are not hardwired to their computers. It’s a flaw of mine I suppose. I don’t particularly enjoy chatting on the phone. I almost never think to use it. My first thought is always email. Sad to say most of my family are not regular emailers. At least we are not with each other. Oh, I am still connected with them, just not as much as I’d like to be.

Then there are people from my past. Doesn’t everyone have people in their past they’d like to still be in touch with? For some reason or another you just fall out of touch. Life happens. People get married, have kids, switch jobs, move away. Whatever it is, it happens. There are a lot of these kinds of people, no longer in my life. I suppose it is natural, with me having switched high schools right in the middle, then three different colleges, then wondering the US for years. It doesn’t make it easy to keep connections I suppose. Though I have made many that way too.

I have come to the conclusion we (a collective we: you, me, and everyone else) just lead too busy of lives. It makes it too easy to be unconnected. So if you are reading this, make a connection, especially if I haven’t heard from you in a while (or years). I’d love it. Deanna at

Happy Memorial Day!

School on Memorial Day?

Really?  Louisiana is so weird.  We live across the street from a school, so imagine my surprise when I got up this morning to see the normal Monday morning line of cars waiting to drop the kids off for school.   Whats more funny is they get two days off for Mardi Gras.  Gotta love the priorities around here.  Even worse, I am pretty sure today is the last day of school.  Whom ever made the school schedule should do better to make note of such holidays.  Would it have killed them to start a day earlier so the families could enjoy Memorial Day?  Not that is effects me one way or another, just struck me as odd.

BTW, I have put down the potato salad and have moved on to macaroni salad.  I don’t like it as much as potato, which may help curb my intake.  *wink*

Recent Reading List

Just thought I would update you on what I have read lately:

In order of recently finished

Enchanted, Inc.  by Shanna Swendson

Basket Case by Carl Hiaasen

Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder by Joanne Fluke

All three are fun easy reads.  My favorite of the three was Basket Case.  Who couldn’t enjoy a book with a rock band called Slut Puppies?

On the bookshelf waiting:

Once Upon Stillettos by Shanna Swendson

Damsel Under Stress by Shanna Swedson

The Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop

Recent IPOD listens:

Fire Study by Maria V Snyder

Voyager by Diana Gabaldon

Paper Back Swap

Ahhh! Where have I been? Recently I read on a message board about this site: Having been an avid reader for many years, I have often struggled with what do with all of my books lying around. In the past I have taken them to used book stores, goodwill, and was sending them to a friends after I was done with them. In my old life, I just had a huge book shelf full of books I had read, most to never be read again. I mean a lot of what I read is a one time deal you know? I do have my favorites that I come back to, but that is a rare few.

After living in the rv for almost five years, and being forced to give up my books, I just got use to it. It’s not that I mind having my books around me. I rather love books. It just that this site is helping to feed my addiction, while passing on books to other avid readers. a win win for this girl. 🙂

The Lure of Genealogy

How did this happen? I am not one that enjoys research all that much. So how is it that all of the sudden I am neck deep in family history? I grew up in California, with just my parents and my sister. Moms family is in Colorado and Dads is in Texas. Except for a few summer visits, one when I was very young, like four and another when I was about 13, we didn’t spend much time with Moms family, though I certainly knew them better than Dads, who I only saw on a few week or two visits a few times in my life. Needless to say, I have meet most of my relatives, who had been living in my lifetime, though I barely know them.

On a whim, I started to research the family line. I am most fascinated with where I come from. Well, where my ancestors come from and why they came to America. Most likely I will never know why they came, but it is fun for me to see where they came from. So far I have tracked on my moms paternal side that Great Great Grandma Augusta did come from Germany in 1872. I have no idea where Great Great Grandfather Albert comes from other than was born in Iowa in 1862, right in the middle of the civil war. Add to the fact that most of the 1890 Us Census record was burned at one point, I may never find out. Moms maternal side has a strong German line as well. I even found Swiss ancestors and which ship they came over on in the 1700’s. I am not sure why all of this is so exciting to me, except that it must be the traveler/adventurer in my blood.

So, I am neck deep in Genealogy sites and am neglecting my husband. He isn’t at all as interested in all of this as I am, though he perked up when I started to ask about his family. 🙂

Ditched for Potato Salad

I admit it. I LOVE potato salad. It’s my favorite item at the BBQ and often something I can’t eat. You see, I cannot eat refined sugar. Gives me migraines. So I usually stand staring at the potato salad, full of store bought mayo (which always has sugar in it) and think, if only I’d made some myself. Only I couldn’t or wouldn’t use that light no sugar added mayo. No I have to make my own. Which turns out is really no big deal and when chives are added. YUM!

So today is our day off, sorta. Saturdays are usually our day off, but we ended up a little off schedule this week and decided Sunday would be the day off. Which is great except it’s Mother’s day and our moms are over 2000 miles away and local events are a bit limited this weekend. Which means we had no plans. This morning Greg asks me what do I want to do? I have no idea, so I ignore him and kept watching the Sunday morning politico programs, which have nothing new at all to say. Boring. So the topic of conversation runs to the weather. How exciting are we?

The weather is hot here. It’s 80 degrees and humid. We, like so many others, are trying not only to conserve energy, but to save some money and are resiting turning the air conditioner on. All four of the ceiling fans are on, the back door is open and the box fan off the kitchen is going, and the kitchen window is open. This leaves the only cool place in the house in the kitchen, as the two front doors do not have screens and most of the windows in this old house are painted shut. Stifeling! Our indoor, people loving dog, has decided the only sane place to be is outside in the shade. She’s the smart one. There is a breeze going and it is quite nice out there.

So Greg says, maybe we need a screen door for the office? Which is where I spend most of my time during the day and has a door leading out to the front porch. Immediately I say, “Yes, lets do that today.” Off to Lowes we go at 9am. Yep 9am. I never get out the door before 10am, ever. It’s hot, alright. So we get the screen door, come home and Greg proceeds to put it in. I, of course am suppose to be on stand by to help.

I, however, get a huge craving for potato salad. It’s just that kind of day. Hot weather, bright sunny day. It’s Sunday. What else do you do? You make potato salad of course. I haven’t actually made any since I was like 13, with my mother. I don’t remember the recipe, only that we used miracle whip. I can’t even call her, as she is in Yosemite for vacation. Besides, she used miracle whip and I know I can’t have that. Thank goodness for the internet. Four or Five clicks later I have a recipe I can use, or at least modify with most of the things in my cupboard. Only things missing, are potatoes and sour cream.

So I ditch Greg, no longer putting up the pretense I will actually help with the screen door and run to the Pig (Piggly Wiggly), which is two blocks from the house. Five minutes later I am back and merrily making my first potato salad in over 15 years. It took two tries to get my mayo made. I missed a step and had to start over. No big deal, I had plenty of eggs and oil. But after that is was all smooth sailing. My perfect potato salad is so yummy, that when Greg came in to tell me the door was up, I announced I was leaving him for my potato salad. This after he put in a screen door. I am now happily at my desk, with a cool breeze running through my office due to his hard work.

I’m lucky, he is a good sport. He left to get another screen door for the front door and some boiled crawfish to go with the salad…that is if there is any left when he gets back. 🙂

May Promotions!

As promised, a new promotion begins this month, but first let me point you to 99 cent Tuesday on ebay (Yes, I know it’s Tuesday, I’m a little behind). This is the last one for a while, but I may revisit that later this month. Here ya go:

Okay, so May promotions are 20% off all items on the Website and 20% off all items on Etsy. Last day of sale is May 6th. Happy shopping!