Are You Connected?

I don’t mean connected in the business sense or the internet sense. I mean are you connected emotionally to people around you? Do you make an effort to be present in other peoples lives? I have to admit I am pretty bad about staying connected. I am emotionally present for my husband. That is a good start. Then I have my online girlfriends, with whom I chat with pretty much daily. It counts! I have meet most of them in person, some of them on numerous occasions.

The problem I run into is when people are not hardwired to their computers. It’s a flaw of mine I suppose. I don’t particularly enjoy chatting on the phone. I almost never think to use it. My first thought is always email. Sad to say most of my family are not regular emailers. At least we are not with each other. Oh, I am still connected with them, just not as much as I’d like to be.

Then there are people from my past. Doesn’t everyone have people in their past they’d like to still be in touch with? For some reason or another you just fall out of touch. Life happens. People get married, have kids, switch jobs, move away. Whatever it is, it happens. There are a lot of these kinds of people, no longer in my life. I suppose it is natural, with me having switched high schools right in the middle, then three different colleges, then wondering the US for years. It doesn’t make it easy to keep connections I suppose. Though I have made many that way too.

I have come to the conclusion we (a collective we: you, me, and everyone else) just lead too busy of lives. It makes it too easy to be unconnected. So if you are reading this, make a connection, especially if I haven’t heard from you in a while (or years). I’d love it. Deanna at

Happy Memorial Day!


2 thoughts on “Are You Connected?

  1. I know what you mean…for many years, most of my non-work friends were parents of Emma’s friends…those friends change and come and go and for the most part so did the parents. I have a group of friends made through a community event that we participate in but with Joe’s schedule, we don’t do much with them anymore it seems. Online is easier sometimes.

  2. Hey D…I know we used to stay connected….somewhere along the way we have become disconnected…I think it was KC that did that LOL…miss chatting with you and wish you and Greg the best.

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