A Front Porch Party!

Isn’t this fun? One of the other blogs I visit posted about a front porch party. See it HERE. The blog Rose Colored Glasses lists over 70 participants in the Front Porch Party. Click on it to visit other bloggers porches or dream porches. If you have a thing for porches like I do, it may take a while. Enjoy!.

Here is my front porch in the making. We have lots of plans for it, but so far haven’t gotten to any of them:

The potted plant closest to the house on the left is my herb pot. The other four are our pepper plants. We have a cowbell and red, yellow, and purple bell peppers. The bouganvillas hanging off to the right, usually hang in the front of the house, but they were not getting enough sun right now do to the sun being so high in the sky, so they were moved, for now.

We plan to build a wood porch and bring it up to the actual front door. Those brick steps are really high, which isn’t a problem for us, being tall people, but anyone with aches or pains might have difficulty with them. Anyway the porch was on the schedule for this spring but didn’t make it. Maybe in the fall. It’s way too hot now. Also there are hooks for a porch swing. I can’t wait for that. 🙂

And just for fun: My sunflower patch.


16 thoughts on “A Front Porch Party!

  1. Hi Welcome to the party. I like your sunflowers. Don’t you just love them? They grow so tall and so strong, like soldiers standing in the wind. I grow them here and I dry the seeds out and use them the next season for bird feed in my feeders.
    Come by and visit me.
    Love, Ann

  2. What potential your house haves for your future, larger porch. I love your potted plants and your sweet sunflowers! Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a lovely porch! You will so love a porch swing. Thanks so much for showing your sunflowers ~ My granddaughter & I LOVE those!

    Please stop by my party!

    Angelic Accents

  4. Thank you so much everyone for stopping by! Sunflowers are just my favorite flower ever. My hubby brought the sunflower seeds home as a surprise for me then prepped the area for me. He’s a sweetie.

    The metal roof is wonderful, however we only ever really hear it in the back bedroom that was added on, since our ceiling are 12 foot, with an attic. But that back room is great in an afternoon rainstorm.

    I will stop by and visit each of you tomorrow. Thanks again!

  5. What a great old house! I love the roof. I have to wonder if the eves over the bay area had ornate brackets at one time?
    Best wishes with your renovations!

  6. I love your house! The architecture is so interesting and the tin roof is fantastic! You will be able to do so much with the front porch. Should be great fun!

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