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Ornament Thursday- Poinsettia Madness

It’s Ornament Thursday again!  Being that it is December we are suppose to bring you ornaments.  While I had every intention of learning to make blown ornaments this year, for various reasons it just never happened.  I did however make a bunch of poinsettia glass treasures.  So did my hubby Greg.

Here are a few marbles.  Both Poinsettias.


The one above is still on ebay!


I also made a bunch of beads:



And one of my friends and good customers,Glitterbug Originals,  turned a bunch of them into Earrings.



Aren’t they pretty?  Merry Christmas!

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I didn’t believe…

Really, I didn’t.  In fact I mocked the weather forcast.  Greg said, “look it’s says it’s going to snow.”

I said.  “Ya right.”  Whatever.

Yesterday morning, I was woken up my my dear hubby at 6:30 am.  Ya, you read that right.  I don’t get up at 6:30.  Ever.  Try between 8 and 9.  It did snow and it was sticking to the cars.  So I had to take pictures to prove to you it snowed right?  (I live in South East Louisiana.  It just doesn’t snow here, or so I thought.)



By 7am our power was out.  Knocked out my a tree limb across the street.

By 10 am, the house and property looked like this:




Pretty right?  ya, I thought so too.  Except I was freezing!  I spent all day wrapped up in bed under the blankets.  Having no heat sucks.  It finally came back on at 11 pm last night.  Thank fate.

So we still have snow and it looks like this today:




That last picture is our neighbors house.  Hers is still pretty.

My Lil Tree

Here it is, my little Christmas tree. It needs a topper, but I haven’t found one I like yet.  I think it may be the first one we have had in over seven years.  Hey we lived in an RV for four of them.  No room.


Happy Holidays! Taking care of Business.

Long time no post.  Sorry about that.  I don’t even have a great excuse.  A few house keeping things.  99 cent auctions are on hold for now.  To be perfectly honest I just can’t afford to offer them at this time.   I am hoping to do something else like 9.99 auctions starting in January.

Speaking of the business front of things, I have something new for you to check out.  A blurb from Art Fire’s artisan stimulus package:

We want to help artists. That means putting our money where our mouth is and stepping up in these tough economic times. For the next 5,000 verified artists who sign up as verified artisans on we’ll lock in your membership at just US $7.00/month for life.
Register on

So, yep, I signed up.  Artfire.  Only $7 a month for life and no final value fees?  Hey it is worth a shot.  So far I have only gotten one listing set up there.  I will be listing new stuff in my shop, just like Etsy daily.   I am sad to say I have finally thrown in the towel on Justbeads.  I tried it for about 18 months, but the volume over there just wasn’t making the cut.  Good luck to them, I hope they make the changes they have been talking about.  It’s just time for me to move on.

I hope you all are enjoying your holiday season!  I haven’t even started making or buying any thing on my gift list.  Bad me!  I did set up my little Christmas tree though.  I’ll get a pic soon.