3 Day Christmas themed Marble Auctions

I just put a few of Greg’s Christmas themed marble auctions on ebay for a reduced price.  I also added low BIN on them in case you want them faster.  Remember they are only up for 3 days!  Get clickin’.




One thought on “3 Day Christmas themed Marble Auctions

  1. Found your website through OWOH. While I didn’t enter for your giveaway because I’m not a heart person I have booked your website as a favourite. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the marbles and look forward to looking at more of your site.

    I’m in awe of anyone with lampworking skills and yours are particularly beautiful. I took a course once but because I’m such a shaky person I was advised that maybe abstract was the only thing I would be able to focus on.

    Thanks for entering OWOH because I never would have found you otherwise.


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