Harry Potter?

I missed the release of the newest Harry Potter DVD. In fact I walked right by it in Walmart last week and my hubby said, “Hey, don’t you want that?”  And what did I say? Nothing.  I just kept walking.  At the time I just kept  thinking, huh? Which one is it? So when hubby reminded me it was The Half-Blood Prince, I even had a hard time remembering how the movie went.

That is just…sad.

I have read all the books numerous times.  Huge fan.  HUGE!

But the later movies, not so much.  We saw it in the movie theater and it’s all coming back to me now. I think I almost fell asleep during the first hour.  Is the movie that bad? Or is it just me?  Maybe I’ve read the books so many times the movie does nothing but bore me.  The books don’t though, I could read them all (and probably will, lets face it), a hundred more times .  I think it’s the movie.

I bet I still buy it for the collection one of these days in a moment of weakness. I wonder if I’ll ever watch it again.

On that note, I am being taken to see New Moon on Thursday.  I didn’t even know it was still in theaters.  While I wasn’t going to go see it, I’m sure I’ll find something (like a shirtless were-wolf) to entertain me for the few hours I am out with my girlfriends. Since Twilight definitely hasn’t made it into the DVD collection, I think we can rest assured I won’t feel obligated to buy New Moon. Unless the shirtless scenes are too good to pass up. (Oh now I feel dirty…Taylor Lautner was born the year I graduated high school. Wish I hadn’t looked)


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