Importance of Routine

This last month has taught me the importance of sticking to a routine. It all started with a post on Facebook about how to get motivated in the morning. See, I am not a morning person (my whole family is nodding emphatically at these words). Luckily, neither is my hubby, so we just ignore each other until we both wake up.

Anywho, my work schedule for the lampworking business is sort of flexible. I do computer work and shipping in the morning…er…early afternoon, and torch in the evening,usually starting around 5pm. This means I have all day to do my computer stuff and shipping. Sometimes it takes me an hour and other days I’m at it for five. It all depends on what is going on.

The problem started when I noticed I didn’t have time for anything else. Like writing or working out. Or working on new and fun beads at the torch vs production. So with the advice of my know-it-all helpful friends, I started working out right after I woke up in the morning. My one friend said, “You’ll be halfway done before you even know what’s going on.” She was right of course and I kind of hate her a little (J/K Susan, you know I heart you) because I really, really don’t like climbing on the elliptical first thing. But afterward I feel great and get a jump on my day.

Since then I have also instilled a 1000 word count goal in writing and have managed to stick to it. No going to bed until those words are down and in nine days I managed to eek out over 10,000 words. I am elated. That’s more than all of last month.

So for me, getting anything done, from working out to doing laundry, I need a routine, otherwise I am just a computer potato and end up wasting my whole day on facebook or twitter or lampworketc or etsy and ebay. Okay, you’ll still find me in all of those places, but at least I’m also finding the time to get my stuff done.

Do you have a routine? What are you wishing you could get done but can’t find the time?

4 thoughts on “Importance of Routine

  1. My list of things I want to do and never have time for is too long to post here. I just wanted to brag on you and congratulate you for sticking to your new routine. WTG!! 🙂

  2. Oh, my heavens, the routine. I need a routine so badly. Life keeps sabotaging mine. When it comes to myself, I can generally keep to a routine unless I get sick. However, my children and husband, can sabotage a routine in a heartbeat–not in a malicious way, but just because it’s hard to get 4 people and 1 dog’s ducks all in a row together.

    For instance, if I wanted to have a solid morning routine, I’d have to wake up at 4am. It’s the only way I could avoid my kids. Except–guess what? Alarms wake them up. So if I’m awake at 4am, guess who won’t be far behind? That’s right, kids.

    With ToddlerDude joining daycare, my dream of a routine is back within reach–until summer comes and elder child is home. Talk about a routine killer. She’s a doozy!

  3. I can’t even imagine, Jenn. It’s hard enough with the hubby and the dogs. Though kids get used to routine as well. You could always try. 🙂 Yay for daycare.

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