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Hermit Mode

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been quiet for the last month or so. That’s because I’ve been holed up in my house for a good six weeks, working my butt off. Literally (I’ve lost 19 pounds since February) and figuratively. Yesterday I escaped and spent some much needed shopping time with my best friend at the outlet mall. Yes, it was time. She even said I had her paranoid. She has good reason. I rarely answer my phone. I haven’t been posting on Facebook like I normally do, and my new listings on ebay and etsy have dwindled to a trickle. Needless to say my online presence has been sadly lacking.

This is all due to being busy. Busy writing and finishing the edits to Haunted on Bourbon Street, and busy with custom bead orders. About the only way anyone has gotten consistent communication with me is through email. I almost always answer email. I promise. And the phone thing? I’m not screening. I swear. I just rarely hear the phone ring unless you catch me while I’m at the computer. It seems people like to call me at night. I’m torching at night. Chances are if you call me then, I’m not answering. So if anyone else is paranoid, rest assured, it’s not you, it’s me. And I’m not just saying that. 🙂

Next on the agenda is Bead Camp. My once a year Bead Girl retreat in Tennessee over Memorial Day weekend. I cannot wait! Greg is great and all, but when he’s the only person I’ve interacted with in weeks, I start to lose my ability to function normally in social situations. I’m like a deer in the headlights. Blank stare and all. Oh, I need me some girl time.

Then a week later is the annual Bead and Button show (also much of the reason I have been so busy). There I need my social face and my game face. Bead Camp is the perfect warm up. Of course this means I’ll be in hermit mode for the next week, cranking out stock, but I thought I should check in here and let you all know I’m still around.

I’m writing, too. Haunted is at the editor, but I’m working on my next project, Influenced. It’s an Urban Fantasy and I’m halfway through the rough draft. I haven’t set myself a deadline for it yet, because I’m still working out the story line. I don’t have a release schedule yet, but I’ll be sure to let you know. For those of you who have beta read Haunted, don’t worry, there are at least two more books planned in that series. The second one, Witches of Bourbon Street, will come out after Influenced. Sorry. It’s just that I started Influenced before I decided to release Haunted and it is begging to be finished. Hopefully, Influenced will be out late fall and Witches in the spring.

Crunch time

Thirty-seven days and counting until I leave for Milwaukee for the annual Bead and Button show. If you could see my table right now, you’d be horrified. It is woefully empty. The next month will be spent chained to my torch, whipping out production. How did this happen? Orders. That’s what happened. I love orders, but it does put a crimp in my production schedule.

This morning I got the look and the quiet announcement I had five weeks to get my act together. To which I said, “I know! I know!” I have a plan. I’m good with a plan. In fact I’m great with a plan. Give me a plan and I’m super woman. Yes, really.

Then Greg mumbled, “Man, you have work to do.” That’s when the freak out started. Time to make a list. Seeing it in writing will either kick me into high gear or…never mind. Let’s not talk about that.

Bead and Button, you don’t scare me and I’m gonna kick your ass. Or at least bring a table full of sparkling beads. Are you coming? Stop by booth 1238 and see my FULL table. Of course if you show up on Sunday, I hope it won’t be totally full, if you know what I mean.