Let it Bee or Are They Wasps?


Edit-These are looking more like wasps. If so…bye bye viscous wasps. Sorry, we are clearly speciesists.

Look at what we have in our yard.

It’s a bee. A beehive actually.  Last week when Greg was mowing the yard he was mowing right along, and then the bees attacked. Poor guy was stung at least seven times.

We didn’t know we had a hive. After the attack we both looked for one, but couldn’t find it. Granted, Greg was less than excited about going to look for them at that point.

We kind of thought maybe the hive was in the neighbor’s yard and one was visiting our modest garden. And once one stung the others followed.  It’s kind of amazing anything is growing at all with how freakin’ hot it’s been. High 90’s with heat indexes in the 120’s. Bleck. But we have had our share of tropical rain. That’s why the grass is so tall.

I have no idea who’s going to mow back there now that we found the hive. In the above picture you can see the thin stick right in the front. That is the hive. It’s in the ground, presumably in a hollowed out root of our pecan tree. We like bees. We wouldn’t dream of getting rid of them. But we may end up with a forest. Cause I’m not going near them with the mower.

Full body bee suit anyone?

Here is a clean shot of the entrance. From the back window of the house we can watch them fly out of the hive and over to the garden. It’s kind of cool. Minus the bee stings of course. Yikes.

9 thoughts on “Let it Bee or Are They Wasps?

  1. You are a better person than I. We would call an exterminator. Or the Have a Heart Trappers and see if they’d move it to the forest or something. I am a complete hypocrite on that respect for all life thing. I’m cool as long as it doesn’t irritate me, lol.

  2. If they are honey bees, call your local bee keepers group. Someone can capture the hive and move it to a box for honey collection. As far as mowing goes, they do “sleep” after dark, and they are a lot less active. I just helped a buddy move his hives, and we did it after dark. We did haves the exits closed, but they were fairly calm, considering two guys were picking them up and putting them in a pick up.

  3. Brad has told me these might be some kind of Yellow Jackets. So if that’s the case,we have no problem putting them out of their misery.

    We do see bumble bees every once in a while hanging out in the yard and the giant yellow jackets that move in on the porch. But these are much smaller.

  4. Hope you don’t mind me intruding on your blog…that’s definitely not a honey bee, looks much more like a wasp. Honey bees don’t have that bright lemon yellow/black colouring, they tend to have a much more mellow colouring ranging from dark brown to golden stripey abdomens. Because they’re vegetarian pollen collectors they’re fuzzier/hairier than wasps, which are predators or sometimes omnivores. And honey bees like to protect their honey by locating their colonies high up, often in holes in trees. Wasps are nasty buggers, Greg has my sympathy!

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