6 thoughts on “Favorite Things Monday

  1. Yam fries!? Oh, Na. That’s taking it too far. LOL.

    D, you can have my garlic sauce, if you can pry it out of my kids’ hands. That stuff’s too much for me. I hog the entire order of cheesesticks, instead, and get my bad breath on that way! 😉

  2. Yam fries? Are they the same as sweet potato fries? Cause sweet potato fries are awesome! No garlic butter sauce needed, however. 😀

    Red, I used to not care one way or the other for the sauce, then one day I found myself dipping a little here a little there. Now I’m hooked. I’m sure there is some narcotic in it.

  3. “Trick or Treat! Thanks for playing Red’s Trick or Treat Bash! I’m looking forward to reading your book on my new Kindle! RedTash.com, Red sent me!” (olomon@Hotmail.com)

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