Boxed Set~Jade Calhoun Series~Two Books for $1.99

Hello everyone,
My new boxed set release, Jade Calhoun Series, is 67% off at both Barnes and Noble and Amazon for a limited time. I’d love your help in spreading the word. Here’s the deal:

Tweet, Facebook, Blog, Google+, or anywhere you have social media (forums of any kind) about the limited time sale. Email me Dkchase12 @ with the subject line JCS. In the body of the email mention all the places you spread the word. For each unique place you get one entry. Friday (4/6) morning I will pull two winners, both will receive a $25 Gift Certificate to either Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Here’s an easy message to use:
Great deal on the two book boxed set, Paranormal Romance~Jade Calhoun Series by Deanna Chase. Only $1.99 on Amazon and B&N for a limited time.

For Twitter:
Great deal on the 2 book set, Paranormal Romance~Jade Calhoun Series. 1.99 on B&N & Amazon #books


Thank you all! I really appreciate the help spreading the word.

3 thoughts on “Boxed Set~Jade Calhoun Series~Two Books for $1.99

  1. I got a heads up from a friend a couple of weeks ago about these two books. I am a Louisiana native born in Lake Charles and raised all over the lovely state. The books are such great fun, a little bit tour book, history book, a good mystery (sometimes two) and a great love story! I felt right at home with the characters and the author. I could see the streets, the buildings and even smell the rich air and soil that says “home” to me. I read both books and truly wish that there were more already so I could just keep reading them. My very best to Deanna for much continued success with her low country stories.

  2. Thank you sooooooo much for writing these books! It is almost impossible to find paranormal mysteries with out them being soft porn. Some of us out here still like our sex private! youir love scenes are lovely but not overly graphic and again Thank you ! Oh and when is book 3 coming?????

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