Angels of Bourbon Street is here!

Finally! Angels of Bourbon Street is here:

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iTunes and print format coming soon.

Despite having lost half her soul, coven leader Jade Calhoun is determined to lead a regular life, and that means planning her wedding. With just five weeks until the big event, plans are halted when Jade falls victim to a ghost possession. Unfortunately, it appears the only way to keep the ghost at bay is to spend twenty-four hours a day with the last person Jade wants to share a house with—the angel who has the other half of her soul.

Things go from bad to worse when the ghost targets Jade’s friends and her fiancé, Kane. The ghost is using sex magic to steal Jade’s power, and she’ll stop at nothing to get what she wants. Even if it means forcing Jade into the arms of another man. In order to banish the ghost, fix her soul, and have a chance at her happy ending, Jade will need to find her father and uncover the decades-old secret her mother is determined to keep hidden.


Release schedule:

September 2013 Irresistible Magic (Crescent City Fae: Book 2)

November 2013 Defining Destiny (New Adult Paranormal romance. 1st in the series)

Early 3014 Shadows of Bourbon Street (Jade Calhoun Series: Book 5)


3 thoughts on “Angels of Bourbon Street is here!

  1. In all honesty i dont think i can hold out till next year for the new jade calhoun book. I just finished book 4 and with every new book i fall more in love with jade and kane and their friends. With this fourth book i cried with jade knowing and understanding how she felt on the father front. I also understand her frustrations with her mother. This series is awesome. I read influential magic i loved it too. So when your new series comes out im buying it because i kniw it will be a good read and i will love the characters and the series as much as i love the other two. You are amazing!!

  2. I completely agree with prior post. Just finished reading book 4! I am so excited to see it come out and now I don’t think I can wait till next year for another. This series is so good.

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