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Haunted on Bourbon Street              Witches of Bourbon Street








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Acclaim for Haunted on Bourbon Street:

“It’s rare when a full-length novel can keep me entertained! I suffer from extreme A.D.D. and the slightest thing can distract me! But I was firmly planted on my chair while reading HAUNTED ON BOURBON STREET.

Jade, our heroine, has some serious issues. She’s an empath, which means she can read people’s emotions like a book. It’s an invasion of privacy of sorts into strangers’ lives and it has driven her to seclusion. But upon moving to New Orleans, her isolation comes to a full stop. She has just moved in above a strip club which just so happens to be haunted, she is followed by a ghost and his dog, she falls head-over-heels for the landlord, and she meets several new friends. Her world has been flipped upside down and the chaos that ensues is downright exciting!”~Erinne TRR